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Sappi has been investing heavily in paper mills throughout North America in order to expand production and provide value-added products to their customers. Pan Am Railway is the regional rail carrier that supplies transportation services to Sappi.
Consistent, efficient boxcar supply has been a challenge for both parties. Expanded production has increased boxcar demand, highlighting a shortage of proper equipment.


Successful modification. CAI Rail collaborated with both parties to modify 52 Ft. Plate F boxcars to satisfactorily and safely handle various sizes of rolled paper. Utilizing their extensive expertise running programs designed to modify and prepare boxcars for various uses, CAI Rail enabled both parties to work together on a new loading diagram designed for rolled paper in a variety of sizes.
Designing for success. Working in conjunction with Class I railroads, all parties developed the proper “Scope of Work” for the cars, as well as an Association of American Railroads-approved loading diagram. CAI was able to get the group of cars approved for use in shipping many combinations of rolled paper efficiently, while protecting the payload from damage.
A stellar finish. CAI delivered a valuable commodity safely to end users, and also provided an ample supply of appropriate boxcars to the supply chain. The shipper is now able to ship their sensitive commodities in safe equipment, and the originating carrier has an ample supply of efficient equipment for their customer. Additionally, the connecting railroads can count on a delivery of shipments that are loaded safely and without damage, avoiding damage-related claims.



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