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An industrial contractor with a 45-year history and exemplary track record as one of the safest fabrication and field services companies in the industry needed to move oversized equipment across the country. While the move sounded like business as usual, there was a catch—the shipment required a host of unusual challenges and restrictions. CAI Logistics was not only able to accommodate this end-to-end move on time but was also able to navigate the compliance and security hurdles that the move required.



Tackling obstacles. CAI Logistics addressed, stringent security and safety requirements, providing  seamless shipping solutions to an industrial energy contractor for a complex move to a heightened-security nuclear power plant.
Experience gets the job done. After CAI Logistics mapped the shipping route from Oregon to Georgia, its team members worked with the customer to review the many restrictions that this shipment required. The first task was dealing with the length and width of the module that was out of gauge for legal transit across the country. The second challenge was circumventing the severely limited hours and routes allowed to move the equipment which at times required police escorts. Finally, CAI Logistics needed to hire drivers that would clear a background check and screening protocol.
Moves that fit your circumstances. While many 3PL companies would have given up, CAI Logistics was able to use its resources, relationships with specialized carriers, and its experience with moving large haul items to successfully navigate the complexities of this move.
Unusual loads are our specialty. As a best-in-class integrated and flexible supply chain solutions provider, with a specialized focus on flatbed logistics, CAI Logistics is able to offer unique end-to-end flatbed services that others in the marketplace can’t provide. From load heavy construction equipment, to prefabricated staircases and industrial HVAC equipment, CAI Logistics helps customers to transport oversized cargo across the country and globe.


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